"Park Slope Community Church: Local Outreach"

"Loving God, Loving NYC" Title Card

"The Inman Family in the Civil War" Title Card

"Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before Us" - Francis Mill segment

"Baby to King" Easter drama

Haywood Community College - Green Building Technology Promo


Full-Service Production

There are many different types of video projects that I can help you produce. Below are some of the most common types. Each and every production is unique and customized for your specific needs. Because every project is different, there is no set pricing. If you have a project in mind, please contact me and tell me about it in as much detail possible for a custom cost estimate.

Promotional Video

Use the power of video to show potential customers how your business can serve them. Or tell them about your non-profit group and how they can become involved. Maybe you need to raise funds for an organization or event. A promotional video allows you to show people exactly what their donations will be used for.

Television Commercials

Broadcast your message to a wider audience and deliver it with motion and sound in a way no other medium can. Show potential customers your product or service in action in a 30 or 60 second commercial and get immediate results.

Informational & Training Videos

Need to demonstrate a new process to 200 employees? Want to show people how to prepare a recipe, fix their car, or make their own biofuel? Maybe you want to tell residents about a new county regulation and how it affects them. An informational video can do all that and more. Video can immerse viewers in a unique way, allowing them to see each and every step of a process in detail.

Online Video

Update your website by adding streaming videos that will let visitors do more than just read about your organization. Businesses can post videos about their services and notable clients, as well as customer testimonials and tutorials to show customers how to get the most out of a product. Non-profits can show online visitors the work they do to improve lives and communities. Online video can reach a large number of people and help them engage with an organization in ways that reading words on a screen can’t, and I can help you produce these kinds of videos and more.

Documentary-Style Productions

Documentary-style videos tell a story by weaving together interviews, location footage, photos, and narration. Many promotional videos, and even some commercials, are like short documentaries that tell a story about a product or service. Longer documentaries can be about pretty much any subject. You can use them to tell the history of a family, church, school, or community, or show a day in the life of a particular business or profession. They can also be used to document specific events in an organization. Documentaries are a great way to preserve history for future generations.

Script-Writing Services

I’ve written many scripts for my own productions, and I’ve edited and re-written scripts provided by clients. I can take notes and information provided by you and use it to write a script that will serve as the blueprint for your video production. If you already have a script, but it needs some polishing, I can provide script editing services to get your script into shape and prepare it for production.